Top 5: Ezekiel Kemboi- King of the SteepleChase

Double Olympic and four- time World Champion, Ezekiel Kemboi‘s illustrious career on the track has brought great pride to Kenya in the sport. Spanning over 13 years, Kemboi has managed to assert himself as a Kenyan sports hero with his top notch performances and his warm and showmanship personality on the track.

Here are his top 5 moments on the track:

5. Athens Olympics, 2004

4. World Championships, Berlin 2009

This vicorty broke his three time silver run over the event in the past three world championships.

3. World Championships, Daegu 2011

Kemboi retained his title in a clear display of tactical prowess and a powerful finishing kick.

Honorable mention

World Championships, Moscow 2013

2. World Championships, Beijing 2015

Ezekiel Kemboi led a top four Kenyan finish, making sure Kenya’s reputation in dominating the 3000m steeplechase was still intact.

1.London Olympics, 2012

Undoubtebly the pinnacle of his resilience and consistency in track running, 2012 was his comeback year reclaiming his Olympic title last won in Athens, 2004.

Thank you Ezekiel Kemboi for service to your country and We Celebrate You!


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