Top 5: Asbel Kiprop

Asbel Kiprop is a middle distance runner; his specialty and his domain is undoubtedly the 1500m. with a height of 6ft3inch, Kiprop is know for his unbelievably long strides unleashing unbeatable speed especially in the homestretch of the 4 and a half lap race. his feat of three time World Champion and Olympic Champion is commendable in the highly competitive field of the 1500m race.

Here are his top 5 moments on the track:

5. Beijing Olympics, 2008

In the race, Asbel Kiprop came in second but the winner of the race, Bahraini’s Rashid Ramzi was eventually banned after testing positive for an  illegal substance. Asbel was thereafter elevated to gold.

4. African Championships, Nairobi 2010

3. World Championships, Daegu 2011

2. World Championships Moscow 2013

1. World Championships, Beijing 2015


Kiprop has stated his first name, Asbel, means determined. a value that is evident from his career on the track. Being a winner means hard work which he is an embodied to the core. We celebrate a true Kenyan sports hero!


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